Mark Sivy Bio

Mark Sivy, Ed.D.

During my career I have gained valuable experience, skills, and knowledge in the areas of e-learning, educational leadership, research, educational technology, instructional design, and global diversity. Additionally, through my professional research and study, I have achieved advanced expertise in educational leadership, virtual school leadership, instructional systems technology, and virtual school organization and ecosystems. My vision is to merge my experience, skills, and knowledge with research, theory, technology, and innovation to enable and enhance online educational practice, leadership, and operations.

• Educational leadership
• Virtual organization operations
• Online and virtual education
• Educational technology
• E-Learning
• Instructional systems & design
• Communication (written, oral, virtual)
• Collaboration & cross-functional teams
• Complex problem-solving & analysis
• Critical, abstract, & creative thinking
• Evidence-based research & practice
• Project, knowledge, & innovation management

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